Each winter, GCCA hosts an annual conference with amazing keynote speakers, program presenters, and of course, our incredible members! This spotlight series highlights a few of our new attendees whether they are new to GCCA, or old friends who are just experiencing the conference for the first time. This week, we welcome Becca Smith from Valdosta State University.


Becca Smith, LPC, CPCS

I’m originally from Illinois and just moved to Georgia in 2012 to work at Valdosta State University’s Counseling Center.  I joined GCCA soon after my move, but was never able to attend the conference due to other obligations.  I was excited that I was able to go this year and meet people I’ve talked to on the listserv.  Let me just say I was very impressed with the hotel accommodations.  So beautiful and relaxing!  Everyone was also so great to the new timers and very welcoming.  I was there all by myself.  So, I came alone and was surprised how included I felt.  I’m somewhat of an introvert and was happy people were very friendly and open.  I was excited about some of the things I learned and hoping to implement a few things, including TAO, at our center sooner or later.  Thanks to everyone who made my first experience so wonderful and I’ll be sending more of my colleagues in the future!  For some reason, no one at our Counseling Center has ever joined GCCA, or it was before my time.  This is going to change!  I’m making it my mission!! See you next January!!