About GCCA

Who We Are

The Georgia College Counseling Association is a professional membership organization composed of professional practitioners employed in the Counseling facilities of Georgia’s public and private institutions, colleges and universities, and is a state branch of the American College Counseling Association (http://www.collegecounseling.org/). Most of these professionals are certified and/or licensed Professional Counselors and applied Psychologists providing direct personal, educational and career counseling to the students, faculty and staff at their respective institutions of higher learning.

GCCA advocates and promotes professionalism, offers continuing education through an annual Conference and regional workshops, promotes state licensure and national certification, provides Crisis Intervention Network support, fosters networking with colleagues, hosts a website, discussion list, and newsletter, governs through a leadership Council dedicated to serve the members’ professional needs, and otherwise promotes the profession of college counseling. This website is used to communicate timely information and reference materials to our membership. Our GCCA Council is comprised of Officers and Regional Representatives who serve all seven regions across the state of Georgia.

We also want to get to know you. Please follow us on Facebook (Georgia College Counseling Association) and Twitter (@GAcounselors) for regular updates on conferences, continuing education events, and happenings on campus. You do NOT have to be a GCCA member to follow us on social media.


The History of Georgia College Counseling Association 

The Association sprang to life during the summer of 1992 with the founding of the Georgia College Counselors’ Association for the purpose of organizing Georgia’s College Counselors. It’s first general membership meeting was held October 29, 1992 during the American Counseling Association’s convention in Atlanta, Georgia. On March 15, 1993, the association affiliated with the American College Counseling Association and changed it’s name to the Georgia College Counseling Association.