Meet Melissa Massey, GCCA’s 2016 Counselor of the Year!

GCCA Counselor Award 2015


“I want GCCA to know how deeply honored I feel to receive this very unexpected award.  When I first read the email, I’ll admit that I felt confused and undeserving.  I started having flashbacks of the GCCA and SCCCP Conferences, and recalling so many special moments shared with such wonderful people.  I have deeply missed those experiences and the conferences.  I have been in major transitions personally and professionally over the last few years, but I have renewed hope that I will get to see all you GCCAers soon to thank and hug you in person.  It is with heartfelt gratitude that this award symbolizes for me the meaningful experiences and relationships culminated by GCCA.”

Melissa Massey, M.S., LPC, NCC, DCC


Melissa Massey from Georgia Peidmont Technical College is a fully Licensed Professional Counselor with clinical experience in Mental Health and Adult Substance Abuse 34871_142725132409491_100000160153238_443606_1089044_nworking with people of diverse backgrounds with a variety of concerns including Grief/Loss/Transitions, Relationship Distress, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Trauma.  She has conducted trainings on wellness with staff, students, clients and local communities in a variety of settings such as colleges, corporations, hospitals, shelters, schools, and counseling centers.  She also presented at the SCCCP (2010, 2013) and GCCA (2011) Conferences on “Drumatic Approach to Fostering Community & Wellness,” an experiential workshop to demonstrate research based drum circles as a Trained Health Rhythms Facilitator.  DTC Cov1Ms. Massey regularly performs with Drum Cafe Atlanta as a drummer and wellness facilitator on the community, educational, and corporate level, and her interests have grown toward integrating various wellness activities such as rhythm based community events, meditation, art, and other mindful practices.  Her continued goals are to promote effective coping skills & support systems to balance life’s challenges, to celebrate transitions, and to foster community and connection through giving and receiving support drawn from diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

Thank you for all you do, Melissa!