Each winter, GCCA hosts an annual conference with amazing keynote speakers, program presenters, and of course, our incredible members! This spotlight series highlights a few of our new attendees whether they are new to GCCA, or old friends who are just experiencing the conference for the first time. This week, we welcome Dr. Kareen Malone, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of West Georgia.


Dr. Kareen Malone

“What a gracious conference with workshop showcasing new research, old and new friends and innovative practices. The view is beautiful and attendees are unpretentious and smart, and if I weren’t allergic to shellfish, the food would be great rather than simply very good. This could be a real think-tank, a sharing space, a place for roundtables, support and recognition. The phone app was wonderful, as was the ocean.   I appreciate the conference’s attention to details to needs of presenters and attendees.”