Each winter, GCCA hosts an annual conference with amazing keynote speakers, program presenters, and of course, our incredible members! This spotlight series highlights a few of our new attendees whether they are new to GCCA, or old friends who are just experiencing the conference for the first time. This week, we welcome Warren Windsor, counselor at University of West Georgia.


Warren Windsor

The 2016 GCCA conference was fantabulous, grounding, refreshing and fulfilling for me, and I expect many others.  Spending time with the breadth of counseling professionals there inspires and validates the work back home.  And then there’s the location.  The King & Prince exceeded my expectations daily.  I only wish there had been time to really enjoy all they offer and provide.   As a first time attender and a new counselor in the higher ed world, I can’t imagine a better way to immerse into the world of college counseling than to attend a GCCA conference. Only wish I had started sooner.  Don’t hesitate to go to this, make it happen, use sick time if you must.  Just go.  See you in January 2017.