Presidents’ Grant Information

Georgia College Counseling Association invites you to consider applying for our President’s Grant and attending our annual conference at the BEACH! Submit a program or poster proposal in order to be eligible to apply for our President’s Grant to make attending our conference easier. Application for 2019 President’s grant will be available soon.

As the Presidents’ Grant recipient, you will:

  • Attend our conference for FREE!
  • Stay at the King and Prince Resort for FREE!
  • Eat dinner with the Council for FREE!
  • Receive a stipend to assist you in your travel expenses!

And finally, you’ll be given a chance to network with College Counselors from ALL OVER GEORGIA!

Check back for more information

You must complete ALL of the the following 3 steps to be eligible:

GCCA Membership Application
GCCA Program or Poster Submissions
GCCA President’s Grant Application (Application Will Be Available Soon)

Contact Past President Angie Wheelus for more information