SB 319 expands the scope of practice laws for Licensed Professional Counselors by amending the term “professional counseling” with the adoption of the word “diagnose.” The scope of practice is expanded by giving them the ability not only to evaluate and recommend a course of treatment for emotional and mental problem conditions but to also diagnose them. This grants LPCs the same authority currently granted to licensed social workers and marriage and family therapists.

SB 319 will now head to the Senate Rules Committee.

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LPCs and Future LPCs your profession is under attack.  SB 319 adds the word “diagnose” to LPCs Scope of Practice definition.

It is what you are already doing. When SB 319 passes you will not have any new rights. You will simply be able to do what you are currently doing.

NASWGA has come out in opposition and joined with the Georgia Psychological Association, GPA, to mislead the Democrats into voting against us. Testimony click here.   LPCA EDUCATION The TRUTH Click for the FACTS


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Where is SB 319 right now…(

Feb/02/2016 – Senate Hopper (this means the Sponsor filed SB 319 as a bill)

Feb/03/2016 – Senate Read and Referred (this means that is was assigned to HHS Committee)

Feb/11/2016 – Senate Committee Favorably Reported  (this means that the Health and Human Services Committee – HHS – had a hearing and our Sponsor Senator Dr. Lester Jackson presented SB 319, and the HHS Committee voted to pass it to the full Senate for a vote)

What happens next?  Depends on you.  Have you personally met with your Senator?  Are you a member of LPCA? This is not our last legislation.  The next step is to make sure we have “yes” votes so it can be brought to the senate floor for a vote.  Members of LPCA are receiving the updates and support.


(Information from original post made by LPCA)