Latest Shout Outs

View the latest shout outs below! All recipients will be automatically nominated for an award at the 2019 GCCA Annual Conference in St. Simon’s Island, GA.

Previous Years Shout Outs:

Shout out to Cheri Mattox-Carroll at Chattahoochee Technical College

“I’d like to send a shout out for Mrs. Cheri Mattox-Carroll. She is one of three Licensed Professional Counselors here at Chattahoochee Technical College. She is the director of the Counseling Department. Cheri is always ready to help and offer her expertise and knowledge to see students succeed. I have enjoyed working with Cheri and want to commend her on her efforts and that they have not gone unnoticed.”
– Gina Barthelemy-Morton

Shout out to Lizy Humphrey at Augusta University

“I have the great pleasure to work with Lizy both as a clinician and in the role we share as outreach coordinators for our two campus locations. Lizy’s passion for engaging ALL students is contagious and is evident in how she connects with students. She is someone who truly cares about the wellbeing of others and I am grateful to be working and learning from her. Lizy you are awesome!”
-Brittany Bing

Shout Out to Cassie Manley at University of West Georgia

“Cassie is our Diverse Populations Counselor and in our office is constantly a breath of fresh air. She makes us laugh, she challenges us to think differently and most important she says yes on a constant basis. As the Outreach Coordinator it can be challenging at times to get people to volunteer for Outreach but Cassie is constantly willing and often anticipates the needs. This summer she helped put together several presentations that were designed to help students succeed in college and also to help minority student leaders equip themselves to assist distressed students. Finally she is willing to offer constructive ideas to keep our Outreach program fresh and relevant. I am so lucky to have her as a colleague.”
– Terri Ducker

Shout Out to Jeanne McGowan at Armstrong State University

“I would like to nominate Jeanne McGowan for Counseling Center Director of the year. Jeanne is naturally gifted with leadership and administration and does so with ease. She is an active participant with the USG’s Counseling Director Association, and the College and University Suicide Prevention Coalition. She is currently part of a consolidation team at Armstrong State University as they merge with GA Southern. Her energy, enthusiasm, and leadership are exemplary as Jeanne is such an inspiration for other Directors.”
– Anonymous

Shout Out to Tadisha Sams-Young at Savannah State University

“A HUGE shout out to Ms. Tadisha Sams-Young, MSW, the disability services coordinator at SSU. She is the one and only staff member of our disability services here at SSU and is constantly swamped with work. She does a great job juggling all of her responsibilities while mentoring numerous interns. Her door is constantly rotating, to the extent that she often does not get a break throughout the day (including skipping lunch often). The truly remarkable thing about Tadisha; however, isn’t her consistent work ethic, but rather that she always maintains a positive, friendly, and professional attitude with the students she serves. No matter how busy she is, I know that if I come to her with an issue concerning a student, that issue will be handled as promptly as possible (at the expense of her own sanity). She is a true asset to SSU and the GCCA.”
– Brenden Dochney

Shout Out to Angie Wheelus at Georgia Highlands College!

“Angie Wheelus deserves this shout out because she saw students dealing with “food insecurity”. She took the initiative to do some research and write a proposal that would address this need. As a result we now have the GHC Charger Food Pantry which supplies food to students at all GHC sites including the most recent opening of the Charger Food Pantry at the Heritage Hall location. Great job Angie!”
– Anonymous

Shout Out to Becca Smith at Valdosta State University!

“Becca Smith Named VSU’s Spring 2017 Employee of the Semester. Tricia Hale, director of the VSU’s Counseling Center, states that ‘Becca is always striving to better herself, our department, our students, faculty, staff, the university at large, and the counseling community. She is always volunteering to present to organizations or classes on campus. She is extremely knowledgeable about our services and answers any questions posed by students, parents, faculty, and staff. She often makes herself available during her lunch time to answer crisis concerns.’ Becca is part of the VSU Leadership Academy and the Student Affairs Retention Committee. She serves as the social media chairwoman for the American College Counseling Association, and presented at the Georgia College Counseling Association Conference.”
– Anonymous