GCCA Conference Presentations

With the permission of the presenters, we are able to post workshop slides for any presentations you may have missed while at the conference. You can also download these before entering your session of choice in our effort to go paperless at this year’s conference. Please request permission of the presenters if you would like to use any information on these slides.

GCCA 2018 Presentation Materials

Wednesday Sessions

Signature Strength Exploration: A Resilience Strategy for Students and Staff
Tamara Knapp-Grosz, Ph.D., APRN, BC, DCC
*There are video links on most slides that only have one photo. Click on photo to access the videos

Georgia College & University Suicide Prevention Coalition
Nakia  Valentine, GLS Director

Dis/connected: The Mental Health Consequences of Ubiquitous Social Media Use Among Young Adults and Beyond
Tara Holdampf, M.S., APC

Thursday Sessions

Trainee Therapist Friendly Submissiveness & the Psychotherapy Process
Lylli Cain, BA, Presidents’ Grant Recipient
Augusta University

Friday Sessions

Psychotropic Medications in Maintaining Mental Health
Yolanda Graham, MD
Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health