Award Nominations

Every year, the Georgia College Counseling Association offers 7 awards that will be presented at the annual conference in the spring. The awards are great way to identify and encourage those in college counseling who are making a difference. To nominate someone please complete the form below.

*Please use the online form below. If needed you can submit a word document version to be emailed to the past president: Click Here

List of Awards:

Advocacy for College Counseling Award: Demonstrated advocacy of college counseling services or an organization which has made a significant contribution to the improvement of college counseling services; may honor a college president, vice president, dean, board member, or legislator who has made a significant impact on the national, state, or local level. Need not be a member of GCCA.

Professional Leadership Award: This award is given for demonstrated leadership in some aspect of college counseling and/or GCCA.

Counselor of the Year Award: This award recognizes clinical excellence and/or meritorious service in college counseling.

Clinical Program of the Year Award: This award recognizes the development and implementation of a unique clinical program or group for college students.

Graduate Student Meritorious Award: This award recognizes meritorious service by a graduate student to the profession of college counseling and/or GCCA.

College Counseling Director of the Year Award: This award recognizes excellence as a College Counseling Center director.

Outstanding Professional Contribution to Knowledge Award: This award is given for a demonstrated contribution to the advancement of college counseling theory and/or practice by means of a dissertation, thesis, publication, or scholarly presentation.

Award Nominations

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