Award Nominations

Every year, the Georgia College Counseling Association offers 7 awards that will be presented at the annual conference in the spring. The awards are great way to identify and encourage those in college counseling who are making a difference. To nominate someone please complete the form below.

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List of Awards:

Advocacy for College Counseling Award: Demonstrated advocacy of college counseling services or an organization which has made a significant contribution to the improvement of college counseling services; may honor a college president, vice president, dean, board member, or legislator who has made a significant impact on the national, state, or local level. Need not be a member of GCCA.

Professional Leadership Award: This award is given for demonstrated leadership in some aspect of college counseling and/or GCCA.

Sylvia Short Counselor of the Year Award: This award is given in honor of Sylvia Short, one of the founding members of GCCA who passed away in Dec 2020. Sylvia was a champion of college counselors in Georgia and across the country as well as being a strong advocate for international students. She served in various leadership roles in GCCA, ACCA, SCCCP, NAFSA, Association of International Educators, and other organizations. She retired in 2012 after 31 years at University of West Georgia as counselor, advisor to the International Student Program, and the Associate Director of International Services and Programs. This award honors Sylvia’s dedication to the field by recognizing a counselor for their clinical excellence and/or meritorious service in college counseling.

Clinical Program of the Year Award: This award recognizes the development and implementation of a unique clinical program or group for college students.

Graduate Student Meritorious Award: This award recognizes meritorious service by a graduate student to the profession of college counseling and/or GCCA.

College Counseling Director of the Year Award: This award recognizes excellence as a College Counseling Center director.

Outstanding Professional Contribution to Knowledge Award: This award is given for a demonstrated contribution to the advancement of college counseling theory and/or practice by means of a dissertation, thesis, publication, or scholarly presentation.