2020 Conference Materials

Many of our presenters have given us permission to post their materials here on our website. You can download these to view for personal use. Please request permission of the presenters if you would like to use any information on these slides.

Wednesday Sessions

African American Gay/Lesbian Transition to Affirming Church
By: Dr. Frederick Brockington

Mind, Body, Spirit Psychotherapy: How To Move Clients from Trauma to Lasting Joy
By Dr. Shannon South

It Starts With Us: Increasing clinicians’ multicultural competence
By Traci Westin & Lizy Humphrey
Handout 1: MOD Checklist
Handout 2: MOD Stages of Development

Use of Reality Therapy in Rise of Anxiety with Health Sciences Students
By Gina Barthelemy-Morton
Handout: WDEP

Keynote: Building Resilience in Clinical Practice
By Dr. Jonathan Orr

Using Clinical Supervision Models in Practice
Dr. Angie & Dr. Chris Wheelus
Handout: CF Models

Supporting Students on the Spectrum: Working with ASD in Higher Education
By Mark Taracuk

Healing From Codependency: The Journey Home to Self
By Dr. Shannon South

Don’t Get Your Hair Wet: Untangling the complex relationship between hair and African American Women’s self esteem (Not Yet Available)
By Dr. Rhonda Perry Rivers

Thursday Sessions

Ethics, Shmethics Or the Real Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Patients
By Dr. Dan Rose

Instituting Joy & Gratefulness in Individual Therapy
By Dr. Alicia Jackson

Mindfulness & Creativity: Enhancing Practitioners Wellness & Self Care
By Dr. Shubha Chatterjee

Utilizing & Incorporating Pop Culture into Strategic Education & Prevention Events
By Mark Taracuk

Integrative Approach to Anxiety & Depression
Dr. Pamela Tremblay

Friday Sessions

Clinical Supervision: What Have We Learned & Where Do We Go Next?
By Dr. Angie & Dr. Chris Wheelus
Handout: 25 Years Review
Handout: Tohidian

Campus Culture: Creative Programming to Promote Wellness (Not Yet Available)
By Vincent Dwayne Hinton

Using Technology to Improve Mental Health: Whats Our There, What Works, & Why Isn’t it USed More? (Not Yet Available)
By Dr. Page Anderson

A Clinicians Guide to Transgender and Gender Diverse Mental Health
By Mark Taracuk