Supervisors Roster

Within the membership are individuals who have obtained professional status as either or both licensed and/or certified supervisors. They provide a supervisory experience for those seeking entry or greater knowledge in the unique field of college and university counseling. It is with pride that the association presents the following member-supervisors. Their emails are linked to their names.

Bob Mattox Ed.D, LPC, NCCH, (770-423-6600) Bob is the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Student Success Services at Kennesaw State University. He has supervised doctorate and master interns, and counselors seeking licensure and certification.

Elizabeth Firestone, EdS, NBCC, LPC Elizabeth is a Counselor at Georgia State University.

Paddy Kennington, PhD, LPC, NCC (404-894-1970) Paddy is a Counselor-Educator at Georgia Institute of Technology with graduate courses in counselor supervision. She has supervised master level professional counselors in community mental health and school counseling; taught as an assistant professor in graduate counseling; and supervised practicum and internship graduate students. She provides training, workshops, and classes in student learning and behavioral issues such as decision making and time management in student success programs at Georgia Institute of Technology. She also does individual academic counseling for students in academic trouble.

Janice Walker, MA, NBCC, LPC (Office 330-490-7312. Home 330-966-0833). Janice has been supervising counselors since 2000.

While GCCA believes that the practitioners listed above are those best suited to provide guidance to individuals seeking a career in the college and university counseling setting in Georgia, you are also invited to contact the Georgia Composite Board for Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists and the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia for additional assistance.