Presidents’ Grant


Grant Description and Criteria
The Georgia College Counseling Association is pleased to help support the future of our profession through Presidents’ Grants. In January 2009, the board voted to establish the Presidents’ Grant to honor the founders and past presidents of GCCA. These grants, awarded annually, are to encourage and support emerging graduate students in their development as professional college counselors in the state of Georgia. Presidents’ Grants are designed for students in graduate programs located in Georgia which may lead to employment as a college counselor. Grant winners are expected to present at the Annual Conference either in a poster session or in a regular session and may co‐present with professionals. The information below applies to the 2013 – 2014 academic year.

To access the 2013-2014 GAAC Presidents’ Grant Application, please click here


Grant winners will receive:

1. Cash grant of $750. (The cash award portion of the grant has no restrictions on use.)
2. Registration for the GCCA Annual Conference and meals provided during the conference.
3. Room for three nights at the GCCA Annual Conference (January 28, 29, and 30, 2014).

Criteria for applicants:

1. The applicant must be a masters, specialist, or doctoral level student in a program which prepares
students to become a college counselor if they choose. This could be counseling, social work,
psychology, marriage and family therapy, or other related program.
2. The applicant must be a member of the Georgia College Counseling Association. Membership is free for
students. Applications are available on our website
3. The applicant’s program must be based in the State of Georgia or he/she must be attending a campus in
4. The applicant must submit the appropriate application which includes a statement of financial need (Part
III of the application). The applicant must be willing to submit supporting documentation if requested.
This may include tax return information, employment verification, or other documentation. This
information will only be used by the GCCA council and will be destroyed after the grant(s) have been
awarded. Personally identifiable information will not be released to the council.
5. The applicant must submit two letters of support/reference, one of which must come from a faculty
member in the program in which the student is enrolled. References should be submitted in writing in a
sealed envelope directly to designated GCCA representative.
6. The applicant must submit proof of enrollment.

     Grant winners are required to present at the Annual Conference. This may be a 20 minute poster session (this may be done via PowerPoint presentation) or a regular, 1.5 hour presentation session. Grant recipients are also expected to assist at the conference with tasks assigned by the executive council. The GCCA Council will review all applications and make recommendations to the Past‐President as to whom the grant should be awarded. The review process will be “blind.” Applicants will be assigned a number and personally identifiable information will be removed before applications are reviewed. Scholastic accomplishment, demonstrated leadership, and financial need will be considered in determining grant recipients. The Council may modify the criteria or other aspects of the grant. The Council may elect to offer more than one grant during a given year.

Grant Timetable
Deadline for applications: October 7, 2013

Award winners will be notified: Late October 2013

Awards will be announced at the annual conference: January 29th ‐ 31st, 2014

Contact for Presidents’ Grant Information:
If you have any questions regarding the Presidents’ Grant, do not hesitate to contact the current GCCA Past‐President. All grant applications are submitted directly to the Past‐President(contact information below), who will also inform all applicants of their status after grant recipients are selected.

Shannon Nix, M.S., LPC, NCC
GCCA Past‐President
Counselor/Interpersonal Violence Outreach Coordinator
Georgia Regents University Counseling Center
1120 15th Street, CE‐201
Augusta, GA 30912
Voice: 706.737.1471
Fax: 706.667.4350