Graduate Students

The Georgia College Counseling Association understands that graduate students play a significant role in the future of the college counseling profession. As an organization, we are enthusiastic to have graduate students and new professionals join us! Many college counselors around the state of Georgia have found a professional home with GCCA. We are a diverse bunch, representing counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, and psychology. The common thread is that we all have a passion for college counseling.

Benefits of Student Membership:

Student membership is 100% FREE with an affidavit of attendance from the graduate school.
Students gain full access to free or reduced cost regional workshops held throughout the year. These are advertised on the website.

The annual GCCA conference is held each January on St. Simons Island, GA. This conference allows students the opportunity to network with professionals already practicing in the college setting.

PRESIDENT’S GRANTS are a huge benefit to graduate students! The President’s grant provides opportunities for Georgia students who are in masters, specialist, or doctoral level counseling or counseling related programs. Winners of the grant receive; a $750 cash prize, conference registration, and a room at the King and Prince Hotel.
Conference scholarships that waive the conference registration fee are available each year to graduate students.

GCCA has up to date job listings for college counseling centers around the state. When it is time for you to start your job search you will already have a place to start!
Take advantage of our supervision listing that allows you to connect with experienced supervisors in the field of college counseling.

Students are encouraged to get involved with GCCA! Whether that entails being the graduate student member of the executive council, writing entries for our newsletter or managing our Face book page, we love having students actively involved with our professional organization.