GCCA Meeting Minutes

Meeting held 3-13-15 from 10-12PM on the Middle GA State College Campus

Present: Terri Ducker, Predita Howard, Jon Kerr, Shubha Chatterjee, Cheri Mattox-Carroll, Pat Mooney, Ruth Hagemann, Shannon Nix, Andre Griggs, Adebayo Onabule, Angela Wheelus, Jamie Thames

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m.

Minutes examined from previous meeting in January with minor changes: Terri Cordell reported on CEUs. Terri Ducker moved to adjourn meeting. Reference to ACCA changed. Make amends to meeting minutes. Jon Kerr moved to accept the minutes with changes. Predita Howard seconded the motion.

Routine Business: Terri Cordle reported on evaluations from conferences. Shannon Nix spoke on CEU’s for psychologist and the need for more ‘PR’. Presenters needed to enhance psychologist attendance. Andre Griggs mentioned that programs need to be available and beneficial to psychologists with an attempt to address the psychopharmacological program. It was stressed to get them to get members and the benefits. A few present, but a couple dropped out. Few benefits, though Josh Gunn and Tamara’s programs generated CEUs for psychologists, it was noted.

Publicity for conference not as good reported by Terri Ducker. Get in early for more information said Shannon Nix. Constant updates for references and addendums. Program early informed says Ruth Hageman on call for programs. Some complaints, reported Predita Howard, as well as accolades. Jon Kerr mentioned that accolades should be put out as far as publicity. Food not as good indicated Predita Howard. Overall good feedback on the conference; much of the same feedback as last year reported Andre Griggs.

Savannah was enjoyed, said Andre Griggs. Several mentioned alternate sites. Ruth Hagemann indicated affordable sites, some more cost prohibitive that others. Few other benefits such as wine tasting. Some did not like hotel . Ruth Hagemann indicated that some had good rooms and some did not. A historical hotel, so some sections were better than others. Good night life though. Several mentioned food as not as good, said Ruth Hagemann: An issue to be aware of for future conferences.

Social media report: no contact. New rep for social media and website, Adebayo Onabule. A decision was made to keep to in- house. Onabule requires log-in for website says Ruth Hagemann. Terri Ducker to have access as well. One log in otherwise confusing. 1-3 people to have it to include president, president elect and social medial rep. Membership too; access regulate to Andre Griggs. Find out what change for website, innovative publicity; what works and what does not. Direct people to web. Link fixed for membership. Andree Griggs mentioned a huge complaint in which members could not down load membership form. Jamie Thames had to get attachment using Word Press.

Other issues discussed: Membership form not non-profit. Cannot use payments through website. Get taxed. Remove sentence of applying on line. Can we find a free way to get that through research? asked Shannon Nix.

Representatives and workshops to publicize. April is Mental Health Awareness. Cool blog suggested Terri Ducker. Different people , personal stories outlining “What GCCA means to me” and post on website to generate interest in GCCA. Members and students—spotlight of month on website. Could this be done by Onabule? Continuing Education on website—NBCC strict says Shannon Nix. Member of month spotlight suggested Andre Griggs. Someone doing something great and how they contribute. Ask to nominate folks to do so. Higher status with blog component.

In regard to GCCA list serve: Andre indicated many requested to be removed from list serve listing with no valid reasons why beyond: “I chose not to receive emails.” Change if email update. Not much updated. Two to three new students reported. Come up with ways to sell membership. Instead of all emails to all list serve subscribers, perhaps a summary of emails with old conversations tied together as a compact thread. A “Digest” version was suggested. How many lines and comments and topics. Good docs suggest by Terri Ducker. A lot of people are on the list serve but not active in membership. Goal: more people, more active members. “A lot of holes with little information. Help to fill in the blanks.” Terri Ducker to share google docs. Regular reps share information for recruiting purposes. Counselor Ed programs but not member students. And member list serve and general list serve recommended by Pat Mooney to enhance publicity. Perhaps a list to get information out to people about conferences, presentations, etc. Andre Griggs: create a list serve to access through list serve. Target and encourage to renew membership. As far as retention: hard to get people to list why they leave. Build a better relationship with others , not just conference or registrar for workshops. Some don’t understand why they are on list serve. Needs assessment might be considered said Shannon Nix. What do you need and want from GCCA? We have a huge med community: a log might help said Terri Ducker. “Why I benefit from GCCA”. Sean Scallion: where I do not work in a college setting. Ruth Hagemann mentioned social workers. Pat Mooney: how are you served by GCCA. Selling point: if you want access to college counselors. You can post outreach purposes. Somewhat effective. Renewal separate issue. Not many will join for $35 for a couple of months.

DSM-IV programming was mentioned by Predita Howard. Broaden spans of program suggested Shannon Nix. 1013 program. ACT, DBT, general therapeutic programs to get CEUs for professionals. Reps should do workshops once a year. Shannon Nix and Andre Griggs good descriptors of how to grow from being stagnant: Change market strategies. New ventures. New outreach to community. Blogs from Ronee Griffith and so on. AG: we send students to connect to people in community who served our students. Ridgeview, etc. Link on website perhaps. Pat Mooney suggested “come back incentives.” Advertise businesses. We can provide a referral base, too, from others in community . Master list of vendors was suggested.

Predita Howard mentioned ‘save the date’ idea. Six vendors, too cheap (a fee). As mentioned previously, increase the vendor fee from $400 to $500. Feed them, include them in activities. What we do for them is incredible. All spoke during the business meeting. Traffic not good past table indicated one vendor. The vendors need to be know when breaks are and be at table to answer questions, talk about their services, etc. Ruth Hagemann noted overall great reports. 6 or 7 more not too many to invite. College treatment facility to invite. One noted: We had someone come in a set up without being set up as a vendor. Last year someone brought in therapy dog. Just came in Jumped on people, not well behaved. Cannot put staff out.

Jaime: FA report. Membership list sent. Wrote in added names and updated. Star vendor names. Predita Howard to outline vendors. No additional activity since February report. No federal bank statements, no additional financial information to report. $525 to add this afternoon. Jon Kerr has a check to deposit from conferences. Refunds o.k.? asked Ruth Hageman. Big packet from SCAD for new members: Daily rate of $70 does it included membership fee? No. Daily rate + 35 paid to Jaime to get membership fee. 57 + 9 memberships and no revenue for students. 35 per SW CEU’s. Still the same? asked Pat Mooney Yes. Cashed a check at Savannah State for social work CEU’s since last August.

Ruth Hageman: No report. Requests go out for awards and nominations. In August a call for programs suggested Terri Ducker. A June call would help us even more. People get schedules set before summer. Some do not work during the summer. An earlier call a good idea. Go ahead and request for funding, planning, program, etc. Pat Mooney: deadline not in June. Some gone for summer. Many not employed for summer so may not meet a deadline if set in June.

Old Business:
• Reviewed conference evaluations.
• Discussed dissatisfaction with food, with a note to address this for future conferences. Andre Griggs will talk to them in May to circumvent future food concerns.
• Many commented they liked the new facilities and upgrades at the King and Prince
• Utilize happy hour with vendor events and social connections in conjunction with vendor and social hour. Vendor sponsored though (with alcohol)? asked Ruth Hagemann. Not a lot being a beverage. Wine and cheese reception. Emphasize how vendors will get traffic by sponsoring a social event. Used to have a mixer with music and entertainment, band, and dancing and food. Angela Wheelus suggested more organized for formal social mixer?
• ‘Pick and Grin’ is garnering fewer people each year. Need more formal events? Savannah Happy Hour Social event was well attended. Invite vendors to participate. Charge $200 more and take out of larger fund suggested Predita Howard. (The conference) lost a major vendor in Tom Connell. Proposed: find a new associate. Vendor support socially would be considered but would not be able to fund alcohol said Pat Mooney. Perhaps a cash bar? Will fund food but not alcohol. Wine and beer, drinks on own for a social hour. Nice seating areas outside as well.
New Business:
Terri Ducker discussed 2016 conference. Hear from evaluations and what you want to see. Personal quest to make it “bigger and better” hashtag and other ideas
Pat Mooney suggested it was important to send out fill pack and have a list of topics. Major topics need to be suggested for psychologists. Participants will not go to conference if they do not know what is being presented. Clearly stated: Ethics and pharmacology and enough hours (CEUs) to make it worthwhile. Pat Mooney suggested GCCA let all other associations know — ACA and ACCA — about conference to generate more interest. Ruth Hagemann: is there a charge to sponsor on their websites? New sessions considered: T-Day, Supervision, 1013, DSM-IV and DSM-V for billing purposes, etc. Ruth Hageman: ICD and DSM V = three hour presentations.
Predita Howard mentioned stipends and honorariums. Built in $200 for such expenses. Request free speakers and presenters first if possible. Predita Howard: Fund raiser $488.00 taken out of vendor fee to buy gift cards. $400.00 spent. Silent auction, yard sale = $488.00 minus $250 for a 2-night stay at King and Prince. Brought in $88.00 without vendors. Use of GCCA money. Increase number of vendors to increase funding. Baskets to raffle?
Terri Ducker: I like the idea of a raffle and utilize students to sell tickets for raffle. Incentives for doing so.
Raffle or silent auction to be considered. More like raffle = action and activity. It was agreed to continue with raffle. Any other suggestions? Shubha Chatterjee: “I have regional reps email and phone possible contacts. Add reg on websites for community outreach. Doctors and other providers to reach out too. What can we do together? Andre Griggs: we used to have it. Need update (none since Tara’s departure).
Regional Representative Reports:
Shubha Chatterjee suggested regional reps could be used to contact companies and businesses to donate? Free of charge. Raise funds through 5K, sexual awareness, etc. Shannon Nix. (already doing this) Terri Ducker: feel free to email me with ideas.
Theme for 2016 conference: Suggested “All In”
Link to location. We can deviate from “hands in a huddle”. Come together before you go out in the games. Push call for programs = be in. Perception widening to bring more in to participate and engage. And better nominations. VPS and directors. President Grant – push awards hard “ A soft explosion”
During conference it was noted that the group came together to solve problems. Angela Wheelus noted that no one knew there was a problem. Ruth Hagemann – we all work together. Shannon Nix noted that awards were meant for all members; we want other members, not just council be up for nomination. Advocacy Award was suggested with nominations by dean or VP with a hope there would be more nominations for “single providers”. Members spotlight would help recognize those from smaller organizations and units. Council list serve –garner possible people rotating on website. Ruth Hagemann: on our website spot light several too. Terri Ducker: is this o.k.? All agreed.
Terri Ducker: UCM for design. One design – for t-shirt turned in. Pat Mooney indicated no more contests, but graphic reps instead. Entry was not appropriate in it is not lewd, but just poorly done. Submitter was not aware of what was needed. Not educated in GCCA need.

In reference to conference topics: 3 programs each period suggested Pat Mooney. For cancelled programs, not a Lot of back-up presents/presentation. Few alternates approved for CEUs. That will change. Pat Mooney frequently called upon to offer alternate programs when needed since many presentations previously approved.
There will always be a cancellation. Who is willing to be an alternate programmer? asked Terri Ducker. Must go through CE process always. This benefits presenter as you know it is good for CEUs in the future. Must provide references, and other information for approval for future offerings.
For publicity purposes Andre Griggs mentioned digital billboards onI-75 . A year contract. How to use today’s technology? Billboards are not as effective limited life for advertisements. Though change in digital board garner attention. While the Conference is same area but the majority of conference goers will not see it – will not reach desired audience. (say if used in St. Simons)
Bayo suggested email. Text messages maybe? Facebook apps and advertising. Can you ask for cell number for text messages? Get permission to text – text rates may apply. Many do not want to receive extra messaged but could be considered if not over used, said Shannon Nix, but could be done. It was suggested that one could choose that option upon registration. Younger members might choose it. Jaime Thames suggested a theme: “Do you want to sign up? Text this message now to join.”
Terri Ducker on website: text from computer. Look into Guidebook suggested Ruth Hageman since it is free. Can we get free app to get that? Easy access for last minute changes. Download. ACCA gave book; some still like hard copy. Ability to create a personal schedule for conference. Ruth Hagemann did not have time to load schedule for this type of app. QR codes in badges and present code for getting registration, free things. Back of badge? Participants tagged when they go in and out. Person at door with iPad app to sign participates for CEUs for each and bring that person’s information.. but if late..that person is gone. But would that person be eligible for CEUs when late anyway? Must monitor late-comers for credits anyway.
Albany rep: region hospital conversation to use them for workshop. Alcohol and tobacco use. Study use for certain psychiatrists, doctor, etc. Get word out in community.
Andre Griggs: AT rep – 2 programs. Onset of fall. College with social direct. Internal CEUs. A lot of community response. April week long Neuroscience. Center for young adults with addiction issues. Mindfulness = both on website. Facebook posts from Terri Ducker. More use, more traffic.
Shannon Nix: summer workshop. Supervision? Maybe Honorarium pricing at $200.00. Think about topics we discussed today.
Not advertise CE available until approved. ACCA for APA approval. ‘Pending approval’ is o.k. or ‘CEUs applied for’ o.k. too.
Terri Cordle CEU Chair. NCC approved provider. Shannon Nix: needed back up for summer since Terri Cordle on 10 month contract. Stringent for NBCC update. Policy. Psychological CEUs: run by Josh Gunn or Tamara. Extra step for psychologist.
Angela Wheelus asked about time frame for submitting for CEUs? Typically set in place and then get o.k. two weeks prior to program. Shannon Nix: plan for a month out and then advertise. Give us 1-2 weeks to get approval in motion and form to be uploaded to website. Contact Terrri Cordle for process.
Adebayo Onabule suggested a step by step process on website. A checklist for community (unless an ACCA is actively involved we may not get CEUs for programs). Pat Mooney: step by step instruction for application to apply for CEU credits. Ruth Hagemann: a personal complaint that people learn but still get credit; maybe people sign in and out within a certain time frame. ACCA has a 15 minute time frame. We must keep the integrity of our credits said Ruth Hagemann. Some are more lax when working or attending conferences; for example, people sign into ethics and then leave.
In regard to signatures: Many members want to visit the bank before Friday morning as not to miss the conference, but need minutes — must have board meeting and minutes. Still others may want to leave early Friday. Terri Ducker can schedule this differently, say Thursday afternoon with printed minutes though hand written o.k. too.
In other business:
Angela Wheelus reported learning a lot as a rep.
Adebayo Onabule reported end of March a presentation on 1013 process in different counties. Bigger than college, no CE, just information. See how it goes and then offer real time. Professional doctors, psychiatrists, MD to psychopharmacology programs. How about a CE events? NW area. Who are the professionals in the area? Shared list? Sort by college; invite many to get credit medical and private. Workshops catering to those professionals. Offer for GCCA. Let us know
Jon Kerr: May host LPCA joint program: reschedule in July or August in works.
Macon rep: Host in a program in October. No CEUs. We can brainstorm something as we are central to large private practice we can cater to.
Funding $200 honorarium o.k. Use people free if you are able. Suggested: Tack on a registration fee for cost of catering. $50.00 registration fee $15.00 come back for catering. Charge a fee though free to GCCA members. Not a member: $35 and CEU: $45.00. Member $15: may do our own budget to cover catering. Those who are non-members charge a higher fee.
Jon Kerr. Council section on website? Yes do we have a separate place for council members to get information? No forum. Ruth Hagemann: Council members can use an internal web portal.
Pat Mooney: October 21 afternoon. 3rd annual “Town and Gown” Clinical Social Work Association. 30 people, fewer members in Savannah. College out reach. Topic: Informal pharmacology. Drugs on campus. How students self medicate. Good turnout despite little advertising.
Make an email list of members to invite. 2017 ACCA in Savannah? Piggy back on top of it local members. More than just college counseling centers. Branch out . Terri Ducker: do a better job of letting people know about us. More about community at large. Not just for college counselors. More than just advising and career counseling. An aside: Counseling Just for to crazy people said Terri Ducker. HS student target for mental health awareness. Academic Coaching
Jessica Miller for Tifton, Waycross : Partner with other reps and regions such as Valdosta and Abraham Baldwin. Connections with community partner = Crossroads. Might pull them into a workshop. Coordinate with Shubha Chatterjee.
More New Business:
Andre Griggs: Call for new business? No. new business.
A motion was made to adjourn by Ruth Hageman and seconded by Terri Ducker. Adjourn at 12:10 p.m.
Next meeting will be planned for July. Andre Griggs will send a doodle survey or survey monkey.

Respectfully submitted by Cheri Mattox-Carroll, secretary